No one wants to wake up and find their car towed, but it happens. For one young man, however, a trip to the impound lot to retrieve his car brought with it the company of six police officers. His crime was boarding a MUNI bus without a mask, through the back door. 

He was clear of other passengers, and used his Clipper card, but the bus driver would not move the bus until the young man put on a mask. He refused. The passengers left the bus, the driver left the bus, and the police left the area. He tried to board another bus. The passengers left that bus as well. 

There was a third bus, and then there was an arrest, and a trip to the County Jail, though he was not allowed to enter the building but remained in a police wagon, where he was asked questions to assess his mental health. "They were trying to see if I was crazy," he said. "But I'm not crazy. You people are the ones who are crazy." 

He retrieved his car, but is seeking friends to help him pay for costs related to the misdemeanor citation.